The Fed ‘Cuts the Cuts’

July 2024 | Mullaney on Markets

Regional banks look well positioned
for the next easing cycle

Behind the headlines and well-publicized stresses, the underappreciated regional banking segment
has posted solid growth in recent years. At today’s multiples, we think it may be worth a closer look.

The missing ingredient in today’s
large-cap allocations: value stocks

We examine what’s behind the concentration risk in today’s equity market and how investors
can position their portfolios in response.

Drift myth and the influence of
active management on
Morningstar’s style box

Morningstar’s style box captures a fund’s holdings at a point in time. We explain
why “style drift” is often just the temporary effects of an active approach.

The power of stock buybacks for creating shareholder value

We take a closer look at one of the least appreciated means of unlocking long-term
value for shareholders: stock repurchase programs.

Investment Perspectives

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Assistant Portfolio Manager Tim Collard explores the power of share buybacks.

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Portfolio Manager David T. Cohen, CFA, explores investor opportunities around AI.

Entry Points | The Case for Healthcare Stocks Amid Economic Uncertainty

Equity Analyst Andrew Hatem, CFA, discusses the potential of healthcare stocks.

Insights Series

Insights Series | U.S. Banking Sector

Equity Analyst Kevin Duggan explores today’s issues facing regional banks.

Insights Series | The Setup for Value Abroad

Portfolio Manager Josh Jones discusses the opportunity for value investors abroad.

Insights Series | Retail, Restaurants, and U.S. Consumer Resilience

Equity Analysts Jacklyn Hall and Jennifer Mace on the consumer staples sector in Q4 2023.